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  • Cole Yoon

No Promotions, No Problem... IU Wins Over Twice, Aespa On Inkigayo

Look at the streaming numbers!

IU won this week's Inkigayo, with 'Strawberry Moon' defeating Twice and Aespa. What is amazing is that she didn't have any promotions or perform on the show this week. Let's see how she did it...

Looking at the score above you see, online streaming numbers is 55% of weighed votes. There she dominated with 5500 while Aespa came in second with 4450 points and Twice did a measly 265. Kin of a concern here since Twice's album dropped more way more recently than Aespa, it might be that due to this they had less days of streaming counted

Congrats with your win IU! Proving she's a generational talent!


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