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  • Cole Yoon

No, Kim Seon Ho is NOT Retiring! Here Is How The Rumor Started


Rumors are getting louder that Kim Seon Ho is considering retiring. Korean YouTubers and media sites are running with this rumor in the news cycle mainly for views, but we at fuxkpop know better than to cause any unnecessary anxiety. We are happy to report, our sources in Korea report that no where has there been any credible report that he is considering retiring.

The rumors seem to stem for an interview at a podcast where a SBS reporter was speaking whether Kim Seon Ho was playing politics with the media, to which the reporter answered no as we previously reported. In the reporter's answer however the reporter added that this whole ordeal has been really tough and made Kim Seon Ho contemplate giving everything up. In case there might be interpretation the reporter was speaking about suicide, the reporter then clarified, "Give up his acting career".

Its' English translation may seem like yes, he is contemplating retirement but what's lost in translation is that the reporter has said this in a passing manner in Korean. The reporter has said this as hearsay without giving any context into how the reporter came to this conclusion.

What Kim Seon Ho chooses to do, know one but him knows. However this rumor is far from concrete and is based on a passing remark by a reporter on a podcast.


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