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  • Mary Kim



NMIXX's Debut song 'O.O' was unable to crack the top 100 on Melon Music, one of South Korea's largest streaming platforms. Indeed, as of February 22, NMIXX's debut single "O.O" was ranked 220th.

Netizens were taken aback by the outcome, as NMIXX was a highly anticipated new girl group from one of South Korea's largest entertainment companies. Although the song was not well-received by the public, many were surprised at the new JYP girl group's low ranking, given the pre-debut hype.

"It's still a bad song even if I keep listening to it," one netizen observed. "It is still a group from a large company, which ensures that the girl group will survive," "I believe the ranking will continue to climb steadily," "I'm shocked the group didn't crack the top 200," "I believe this girl group was given a bad song," "I believe the song was simply bad," and "At this rate, IVE is likely to win rookie of the year."

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