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  • Cole Yoon



JYP Entertainment's new girl group, NMIXX, is now officially the fastest-selling girl group to debut in KPOP's history.

NMIXX's debut single 'AD MARE', which was officially released on February 22, achieved 227,399 copies in its first week according to Hanteo Chart which is the highest for a girl group's debut album and third in terms of single albums.

The polarizing and controversial debut single ‘AD MARE’ was first introduced under the special name ‘Blind Package’ in July last year. JYP made a pre-order for just 10 days from July 16 to 25, while only disclosing the information that it was a limited edition debut single of a new girl group to be released in February 2022, and achieved 61,667 pre-orders.

As the outlines of NMIXX gradually emerged, inquiries for additional release of the actual album poured in, and JYP responded to their enthusiastic support by confirming the release of the light version for the general class. The debut single 'AD MARE' took first place in the Gaon Chart Retail Album Daily Chart on the 25th and 26th, starting on the 22nd, the day of its release, and topped the Hanteo Chart's Daily Album Chart on the 25th. In addition, it ranked 2nd on the Gaon Chart's 2022 Retail Album Weekly Chart (2022.02.20~202.02.26) and Hanteo Chart's Weekly Album Chart (2022.02.21~2022.02.27) side by side and showed off its album power. In particular, on the 25th, when the light version was officially released, it attracted more attention by selling close to 140,000 copies.

The group is not without their detractors, however, as the group and label have been subject to plagiarizing allegations for their conceived motifs shown in their music video that draws a striking resemblance to themes that are core to 'ATEEZ' backstory. Despite demands for accountability, the label has yet to comment as of writing this story.


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