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Not good.

JYP Entertainment is embroiled in controversy over the alleged plagiarism of an Ateez music video and the boy band's concept.

NMIXX,  debuted  Tuesday with the single "Ad Mare." However, less than a day after their debut, the septet has been accused of plagiarism: the band's titular "O.O" has been criticized for plagiarizing boy band Ateez's music video and their universe.

The music video for "O.O." begins with a scattering of pirate-themed items on the ground and swerves to zoom in on a large galleon in an unassuming location. And, in line with the explanation, Atinies, Ateez's official fandom handle, has noted that the clip bears numerous similarities to the boy band's music video, emphasizing that the issue "cannot be ignored." 

Not only is NMIXX's music video for "O.O." being accused of plagiarism, but the band's concept video for "New Frontier: Declaration" is being accused of plagiarizing Ateez's "Declaration" from the band's 2020 debut EP, "Treasure EP. Map to Answer."  Digipedi, the studio that produced the music video for "O.O," has previously collaborated with Ateez, but fans discovered that the studio was not responsible for the music video for "Illusion." 

Fans took to social media, with one commenter writing, "There are more than a few scenes that remind me of Ateez's music video." Additionally, if one examines the album's introduction closely, the group not only plagiarized the concept, but also Ateez's universe."   As soon as the music video was released, Twitter trended with hashtags such as "JYP should explain plagiarism" and "JYP should apologize for plagiarism." As of press time, JYP Entertainment had not issued an official statement on the matter.

Meanwhile, NMIXX released a four-song EP Tuesday and is expected to continue its promotional efforts.


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