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  • Karina Lee



There are some debates that will rage on forever, Lebron vs Mike, Nike vs Yeezy, Celine vs Bottega, and NMIXX's center. Ever since their debut, the ladies have faced fierce criticism over the center position, Whether it should be Sullyoon, or does her beauty take away from other members. Or does it not make sense to hide your most popular member? Fans are pulling teeth trying to figure it out as saying:

"Sullyoon is basically playing musical chairs at this point"

"You guys just said she should be center so they made her center, what gives?"

"Jinni should be center, Sullyoon and Kyujin should be on the side, it's that easy... Sullyoon shouldn't be center as she commands viewers attention even when next to Jinni... don't have to put the visual in the center..."

"Jinni center, Kyujin, and Sullyoon on her sides look best"

"It's for real as is if you put TZUYU in the center of Twice"

"If Sullyoon is not center I can live with that, but why are we putting Kyujin in the center? Nayeon, Ryujin, all makes sense but Kyujin? I would rather see Jinni"

"I like seeing Sullyoon in the center"

"Sullyoon is too tall to be center, JINNI is perfect for a center... isn't she the perfect girl crush type? I don't get why they don't give it to her"

"If Sullyoon is in the center the other members are forgotten"

"I like seeing Sullyoon in the middle, doesn't make sense why they would hide their visual"


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