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  • Karina Lee



NMIXX have released their debut music video for "O.O."

NMIXX leaves a strong impression on "O.O" the title track from their debut single album 'AD MARE,' but some aren't feeling the vibes.

Netizens comments include:

well that was weird . this one wasn't for me i guess .plus their debut pirate concept is other group debut concept too . mv was cool tho. this happen very rarely to me, to actually like the song more than the MV, It's really my style, I don't get why JYPE chose to show the worst part of the song in that medley. This song seem like something ITZY would sing: high notes, kinda chaotic but understandable, I don't know the lyrics but from the few words I know in korean I gather that they doesn't have a cleared concept for know, I might check the lyrics later, tho. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if this song was meant for ITZY but given then to NMIXX. I wonder how would JYPE handle two groups, ITZY and NMIXX, with similar enough concepts They gave me nct gurl version...tbh as jyp stan kinda hates it , jyp please stay true to your concept not sm please..i mean twice n itzy has that jyp's vibe but nmixx really a mess...i hope they have a better song next time...i am dissapointed ..the girls killed it tho n they deserved better songs Just 30 seconds into a debut MV and its a Coke Zero commercial. Wtf?

While other netizens defended the debut song writing:

One of the most impressive, powerful and creative debuts I've seen ever. I mean that beautiful min 1:35 blew my mind. This is what is called being "better , faster and stronger". Song, MV, the girls and their voices. Thanks JYP for this ❤, thank you SOOOOO MUCH❤. Some Billlie, a dash of aespa and a sprinkle of Itzy... all in one song! Their rap, vocals and dance performance are incredible. And they were cool, tough, powerful and cute (all at the same time!) It seems messy at first, but I really enjoyed O.O; and it gets better with each listen...Well done JYP!


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