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  • Karina Lee


Do they got next?

On March 1, JYP's newest girl group had a virtual showcase to formally announce their debut with the release of their first single album, 'AD MARE'.

Even before the group's official debut, the members of NMIXX garnered public attention for being girl group powerhouse JYPE's newest and latest.

Haewon of NMIXX stated during the press showcase, "It's an incredible honor to make my JYP Entertainment debut, following in the footsteps of our sunbae artists who truly embody K-Pop. It still does not feel real, but we are attempting to view it as a motivating force rather than a burden."

She then proceeded, "We received so much love and anticipation for our debut due to the fact that we are new JYPE artists. To show our appreciation for the fans' faith in our sunbae artists, we constantly monitored their music, performances, and variety shows in order to emulate their strengths. We will do our best to ensure that JYPE maintains its status as the 'girl group powerhouse.'"

Following that, the NMIXX members identified TWICE and ITZY as their role models. As Bae put it, "TWICE is my girl group role model. I genuinely admire and respect them. After watching TWICE's performances as a child, I grew up dreaming of becoming a singer."

She continued, "I couldn't believe it when I saw TWICE in-person and without makeup for the first time. They were so beautiful, so handsome, and so alluring."

On the other hand, Kyujin stated that her role models are the girls of ITZY, stating, "I've always admired ITZY for their flawless stages. Additionally, I want to showcase a different side of myself with each new stage."


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