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  • Cole Yoon


Her beauty is undeniable tho.

Ningning of aespa came under fire earlier this month for supporting the Chinese short-track speed skating team. The idol has been avoiding social media and the fan communication app Lysn, Bubble since then.

Ningning then returned to the chat on February 24 and greeted her fans in Chinese, saying "I missed you" and "Goodnight." While some fans welcomed the idol's return, the majority were critical of Ningning for using Chinese on Bubble.

"To be honest," netizens observed, "it's amusing how she continues to use Chinese in a Bubble chat that was primarily for Korean fans." "She should return to China and promote herself there," "So she was embroiled in a China-related controversy and sent a message in Chinese?"

However, a sizable number of netizens defended Ningning and commented, "People are going too far; it appears as though she committed some serious crime. Isn't it time to come to a halt?" "Ningning has been using Chinese on Bubble since its inception, and no one has ever complained,"


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