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  • Mary Kim


IZONE forever.

It seems netizens aren't ready to let go of IZONE just yet, and neither are we.

On a post titled, "IZONE STYLE PHOTO HAUL" has gone viral, a netizen wrote:

"Although the group has disbanded, the songs, wardrobes, all were perfect to my taste so I had saved them but now I leave them here. I'm glad to see them all doing well at their current places, I'll forever root for them"

The netizen then uploaded several photos of the group with their stage outfits on and netizens also shared their feelings about the once beloved, now disbanded group.

Netizens commented,

"I miss IZONE ㅠㅠ their style, hair, make up, choreo and the chemistry between members were all on point"

"IZONE'S stylist was really dope.. IOI was wack compared to them"

"Panorama was legendary..."

"No girl group had better concepts for real, it's not sexy, it's no moody, it's not cute, it's not girl crush, it was just IZONE"

How much do you miss IZONE?


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