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  • Cole Yoon


We see what you did there.

Red Velvet is known for its 'out there' concepts. This comeback is proving no different as one netizen pointed out the significance of historical musician Johann Sebastian Bach whose music was posted as a teaser for their comeback 'Feel The Rythm'.

The netizen points out the movement in the teaser is of Bach's Aria, then pointed out that the musician's birthday is March 21, the same date as the group's comeback.

Netizens reacted by saying:

You're saying they are coming back on Bach's BDAY LOL little weird but okay, still looking forward to it Wow it's so well thought out The group's range is top-notch and so are their music talents, really looking forward to it So twisted, I love it It's crazy that they thought of the concept but it's crazy that the group pulls it off so well I'm not a fan but of all the March comeback I'm looking forward to them the most Joy is really good at rating their own music lol so when she said it's good I know it'll be SM is being perverts again SM are perverts, what girl group comebacks to Bach's Birthday? Really anticipating it The staff is crazy lol you guys think the members come up with this? They just sing and dance and wear what they are told to SM is on some other stuff

What are your thoughts? Are RED VELVET concepts creepy?

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