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  • Karina Lee


ISSA Family Affair!

On February 2, a netizen asked who their parent's biases were.

The poster revealed that their mother was a fan of Jennie, Cha Eun Woo, and Ryujin, while her father liked SNSD.

Netizens wrote:

My parents really love RM, my dad keeps saying he should be on the UN Council ㅠ lol
BTS Jimin
They both like V
My mom loves V and keeps telling my brother he's going to look like him
My mom likes V and my dad doesn't like kpop and only listens to 'Turtle'
My mom really likes V and my dad really likes Jang Won Young
My mom likes Jimin and my dad doesn't like idols
My dad likes Winter and my mom likes V
My mom likes SNSD and my dad likes Nah Hoon Ah

And the rest of the netizens also stated their parents were BTS stans!


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