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  • Cole Yoon


Updated: Jan 20, 2022

YUJU may have won 2022 already.

Former GFRIEND member YUJU's solo debut PLAY is proving to be 2022's biggest surprise thus far. The asiatic track imbued with traditional Gayageum instrumentals and fleshy 808's is stealing hearts of listeners. What's more, the stylistic choices in the MV, from her make up to wardrobe, has netizens entranced. Here are what Korean netizens are saying.

"Her agency perfected her hair, make up, and wardrobe makes me happy"

"Not only YUJU but all members are killing it in the hair make up and wardrobe department. TBH I never thought their old label did a good job styling the members"

"YUJU plays by slaying KPOP"

"I can't believe someone so gorgeous exists, more people need to know ㅠㅠ Congrats on your debut, hope you are healthy and happy during promotions"

"Congrats Yuju, you're so prertty and cool!"

"Congrats!!! Daebak!! I'm always rooting for you"

"The MV is so pretty, YUJU is so pretty too <3"

Have you checked out PLAY yet? You need to, below.

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