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  • Mary Kim


Is no press sometimes better press?

January 28, With news of SF9 breaking COVID 19 protocol by drinking in a bar past curfew and being detained by police, fans of other male groups are demanding more accountability as if it were groups like BTS or BLACKPINK the media outlets would have jumped on the story. Considering past precedents of even Youtubers being canceled for breaking similar protocols.

Netizens wrote on a post lamenting the double standards other idol groups face,

It's cause they (SF9) isn't bigger..
For idols not being popular is best lol it's better than girl groups who are famous and selling records but without fandoms
We need to know who they are to curse them
It's cause they didn't make it
Girl groups that aren't that popular get canceled too but unpopular boy groups just get a pass cause no one cares
It's cause no one knows who they are
Is that fair? If a female idol does something wrong the press is all over them but not with boy groups, sexist?

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