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  • Cole Yoon


You know TAEYEON has a lot to say right about now.

With news from SM that TAEYEON'S highlight reel promoting her upcoming album INVU has been canceled due to it not being ready, fans are pissed and are letting SM have it.

This isn't the first time SM has drawn the ire of TAEYEON'S fans, as the singer has been vocal in the past about SM promotions. Fans took to online portals to vent their frustration writing:

Even if they lost the file they should be able to remake a highlight reel in a day, if they aren't going to do that doesn't it mean SM just doesn't care?
SM always does this to TAEYEON. They don't care and really don't work for her and because TAEYEON succeeds in all her comeback they won't let her go
Even if on a blank black screen upload the songs
Didn't they do this with Girls Generation? They never change
According to them it really is because it isn't ready... but for like a highlight reel how much work goes into that? They should've had this ready when they first uploaded the schedule to tell fans they aren't going to get it the day of the scheduled release is just wrong
If you accidentally deleted the file, just remake it, why are you canceling all ten of them?
Again? Did they lose their hardrive again? How are you going to cancel all of them?


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