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  • Cole Yoon


Going to the moon.

On February 4, netizens in Korea discussed the two male groups seeing an explosion in popularity and new fans.

Those two groups are none other than, 'MONSTA X' and 'The Boyz'.

Interestingly enough, MONSTA X has been around for over half a decade, first debuting in 2015. THE BOYZ are also veterans of five years, having debuted in 2017. Although they have yet to achieve the heights of BTS and EXO, it seems now the boys have finally broken through.

Netizens wrote:

I can definitely see that MONSTA X fanbase has grown a lot
Feel like this is the time for MONSTA X to promote more to gain even more domestic fans but due to the military Shownu isn't here and soon they will all go to the military so that sucks
Monsta X will lose a lot of members to the military so that is too bad
The Boyz are good at concepts that Otakus go nuts for and Mon X would make a girl in her twenties who swore off marriage to change her mind and get married and pregnant
When I was young I didn't know but now I just like oppas who are good looking with nice bodies and have good personalities
Yes after Kingdom there have been many people talking about The Boyz
I've taken the long route but I think my final destination is Monsta X, the army? I can wait, bring it on
True, I suddenly fell in love with Monsta X but I was surprised to find a lot of people talking about them
Loved Monsta X's gambler concept
A lot of people under 20 like them
The Boyz have steadily gained fans since Kingdom
I recently fell in love with Monsta X too, don't go to the army ㅠㅠ


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