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  • Karina Lee



One of the great things about KPOP is its power to bring different cultures together. The cultural exchange between fans is invaluable to the popularity of KPOP as well as the effect it has on their respective society as a whole.

It seems Korean fans have realized through ITZY Yuna's vlog that other societies hold different priorities in comparison to Korea.

In a post called, "You can see what is wrong with Korea through Yuna's Vlog", the netizen compares comments in english, from international fans, and Korean comments from domestic fans.

Most of the Korean comments write how pretty she looks compared to English ones that congratulate ITZY for graduating.

All the comments in Korean write how pretty she is..

Where English comments show sincerity in congratulating her graduation as well as her becoming an adult..

The poster than writes:

외국인 댓글과 한국인 댓글 비교해보면 뭔가 다른게 느껴지지 않음? 외국인들은 유나의 학교 졸업에 초점 맞춰서 거기에 대한 생각이나 축하 내용을 댓글로 쓰는데 한국인들은 대부분이 외모 칭찬밖에 없음. 한국이 외모에 집착하는거 잘 알고 있긴 한데 새삼스레 댓글 보고 또 한 번 깨달음. 판 보면 맨날 외국 문화 찬양하고 부러워하는 애들 꽤 있던데 이런 외모로 시작해 외모로 끝나는 근본적인 사고방식부터 바껴야 선진문화가 고착될 수 있을듯 싶다는 생각이 듦

If you compare foreigner comments to Korean comments, don't you notice the difference? International fans comment on her graduation and congratulate her while Koreans only comment on her looks. I know Korean society hold looks as very important but it is embarassing seeing the contrast like this. People on this community write what is great about other countries all the time but I feel like we as a people need to change to bring about the change we want.

Koreans commented:

"I think it will be hard for us to fix this"

"It's something I've felt for a long time, let's change it"

"Seeing the comparison between comments makes me feel like this is a big issue"

"But then watch how they flip when they see their male idols"

"Just see how famous Korean plastic surgery is in the world"

"I hope it changes, yes, even if you say a compliment on looks it's rude outside Korea"


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