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  • Mary Kim


Why would they call tho? smh.

Younghoon recently shared his phone number with his fans via 'UNIVERSE,' a mobile fan communication platform that connects fans with their favorite artists. The idol jokingly stated, "'Younghoon, this is Lee Jaehyun, and I changed my phone, so what was your number?' someone private messaged. '010-****-****' is my telephone number." Younghoon hastily wrote, shortly after sending the message, "Oh, wait a minute; do not call. Make a commitment not to call. That is only the date of our debut!!" He went on to explain, "That is why I made a joke and chose the number. Because you promised, I'm going to believe you guys. Many thanks."

He continued to request that fans refrain from calling, stating that it was imprudent of him to do so. He stated, "Please refrain from calling. I acted rashly. I apologize. Make a commitment not to call." However, the damage had already been done when a large number of fans began calling the idol's provided phone number.

Soon after, a fan revealed that a random person who actually owns the phone number has been receiving calls from unknown numbers on a constant basis. The fan shared a screenshot of the message she sent to that individual.

Following the incident, the messages were shared on various online communities, allowing netizens to weigh in on the situation. While netizens criticized Younghoon for making a thoughtless joke, they also chastised fans for failing to recognize the group's debut date and dialing the number.

"Do the fans not know The Boyz's debut date?" one netizen inquired. "What is it about the fans calling that number?" "The issue is with the fans who called that number despite his request not to, but he did make an ill-advised joke," "He stated plainly that it was the group's debut date immediately after posting the number, but fans continued to call. What is the matter with them?" "Even if the idol provided a phone number for fans, would it be a genuine number, and would he actually pick up when called? The fans are so dim-witted," He immediately apologized and informed fans that it was the debut date; however, the fans ignored him and dialed the number; what is wrong with the fans who dialed the number despite his clear instructions not to?" "I mean, it was wrong for Younghoon to casually mention a phone number, but it was even more wrong for the fans to call the number after Younghoon specifically instructed them not to," and "Idols simply need to avoid making jokes about such things because there are some naive fans who would call even if the idol stated plainly that it was a joke."


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