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  • Mary Kim


"AI em for your survival".

Only yesterday, it was reported that an AI celebrity had inked an exclusive deal with YG KPlus. 

On February 15, it was revealed that Smilegates' virtual artist, Han Yoo Ah, had secured a contract with YG KPlus and intends to pursue careers in a variety of sectors, including music, entertainment, and advertising. YG KPlus intends to develop Han Yoo Ah as a metaverse artist represented by YG KPlus. 

As technology advances, even virtual humans will have a place in the entertainment industry, as the two worlds begin to intersect. While investors and agencies are enthusiastic about this new enterprise, Korean netizens have reservations about virtual beings making their entertainment business debut.

As soon as the news spread, it was posted on numerous online communities, where numerous netizens expressed their opinions on this novel concept.

"This is really strange," one netizen observed. "I would not fanboy over a fictitious character," "How come they are doing this?" "Would this be truly successful or popular?" "I suppose it's better for the business because she'll never be ill," "At the very least, the agencies will be free of dating rumors and school bullying controversies," "I'm always intrigued by this; who would provide the voice and who would perform the singing?" "Are they planning to apply an artificial intelligence program for the voice as well?" "I believe that introducing an AI persona like this to the world exacerbates the visual-based nature of our culture," "This is quite unusual. That is, it is better than a robot, but it is still somewhat bizarre!" and "She's lovely, but I'm not a fan."


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