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Your thoughts?

As our readers are aware, another 'Single's Inferno' contestant is having a tough time after the show.

Shin Hyun Joong has been ridiculed for his juxtaposition of taking himself too seriously while his (Korean) grammar and spelling make it obvious he didn't take his schooling seriously enough. That and his knack for 'self-preservation', being one of the very first to unfollow FREEZIA when her controversy broke, has made him an easy target to netizens who say that everything about him betrays his muscular frame.

The influencer however is fighting back. Today he threatened lawsuits to malicious commenters and rumor spreaders.

Korean netizens reacted by writing:

Thing about this place, we curse a person out and when they sue, we all pretend we don't know the guy to add injury to insult
What he do?
You guys have been bagging on him, I'm glad you guys will get what you deserve
But his grammar, isn't it possible to phrase (his letter) any better?
Is this the guy with the 'moody chest'?
Are your chests moody?
Moody chested Kim Hyun Joong, hwaiting!

Your thoughts?


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