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  • Cole Yoon


Could she be a top model?

Seohyun, a member of Girls' Generation, was recently called the best model for women's wear by fans, with netizens claiming that her feminine and delicate appearance is ideal for these feminine women's brands.

"She sold out of a lot of Missha brand clothing when she was a model for Missha, and she fits the brand DEWL as well after being chosen as their new brand model," one netizen wrote in an online community. Additionally, the netizen stated, "Her delicate frame is accentuated by her long arms and legs. She also has the vibe and facial expression that these women's clothing brands are known for."

"I believe she is the best model for clothing," one netizen observed. "She is so pretty and exudes this fresh and feminine vibe." " When I saw the title of the post, I immediately thought of Seohyun," "Wow, she's so pretty," "I believe Seohyun is the most beautiful woman right now," "I believe she is the epitome of what it means to be feminine and delicate," she says. "To be honest, all I see is her face," "She exudes a lovely aura that is ideal for women's wear," "I believe that the DEWL clothing is the best fit for Seohyun," "She possesses the physique that I desire," "Because she is slim and tall, all of the clothes look great on her," "She's so delicate and slim," and "She's always so lovely and pretty."


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