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  • Cole Yoon


"Umm..KEP1ER just debuted?"

With news of MNET PDs making love calls to KEP1ER, BRAVE GIRLS, ITZY, and VIVIZ for Queendom 2 being confirmed, Korean netizens weighed in on online communities.

Netizens wrote:

Nothing has been confirmed, it seems the reporter has jumped the gun
KEP1ER??? Are they trying to gain domestic fans by coming out?
International fans stan anyone on the show
KEP1ER doesn't have enough songs, there should be a 3 title song requirement for contestants
Gonna watch it in March
But KEP1ER just debuted
Has me excited
Well KEP1ER is a CJ (owner of MNET) artist so I'm sure they will come out and I like the rest as well I hope they all come out
VIVIZ are great live singers
Lineup is not bad
I think VIVIZ will do it, seeing how their label is a new one, they should be eager to promote the girls
KEP1ER wow...

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