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  • Cole Yoon


True love is not found on a Netflix show after all.

With the controversy surrounding 'Single's Inferno' gaining more and more attention, it seems her 'puppy' on the show, fellow influencer Kim Hyun Joon, is abandoning ship.

The male influencer surprised fans by unfollowing FREEZIA on January 18, on instagram.

Korea's largest online community did not hold back at the news saying:

"Freezia didn't even follow him to begin with lol it's funny how he's following and then unfollowing her by himself.."

"You can tell he has other motives, he's so predictable and untrustworthy"

"But it's funny how he unfollowed her as soon as the controversy began lol as if he has been waiting to find a reason to"

"Even if it was me I'd use this as my chance to unfollow lol Why are the women on this thread getting mad at him for unfollowing, weren't you guys cussing him out for liking her? He is so funny since he is predictable though, honestly I think he was the most truthful on the show."

What are your thoughts, would you weather the storm or see you never?


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