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  • Karina Lee


Not clickbait.

Karina has maintained her long black locks since her debut. Karina has maintained long hair since her debut, and it has developed into her signature style. However, she recently altered her appearance and surprised fans with a shoulder-length hairstyle.

Karina's photos quickly spread across the web, and netizens instantly fell in love with her new hairstyle. Numerous netizens and fans are ecstatic, as Karina now exudes a different vibe than she did with her long locks.

Karina's photos were shared on a popular online community by a netizen who wrote, "I saw these photos on Twitter and they gave me bizarre, she's so freaking beautiful. I truly desire for aespa to create this pure innocent concept."

Netizens joined the online community and commented on the idol's new hairstyle "Karina, I believe, will look stunning in any hairstyle. She is so stunning that it makes no difference what hairstyle she wears." "I believe she cut her hair to repair the damage caused by all the dying, but she still looks as lovely as ever," "I believe she becomes more beautiful the more I look at her," "I believe her shoulder-length hair looks stunning on her, and she has that face that can be pure, sexy, and adorable, lol." "When I saw Karina in pigtails, I knew she would look great in any hairstyle," she explained. "Wow, I adore her new hair," and "she exudes an entirely different vibe, which I adore."

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