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  • Cole Yoon


Jennie of BLACKPINK flaunted her rejuvenating beauty in her latest 'HERA' photo shoot.

On February 22 KST, beauty brand 'HERA' unveiled its latest pictorial, which features BLACKPINK's Jennie. Jennie was wearing a bright orange collared shirt and a coral lip color in this photo, and she was gazing directly at the camera with an alluring gaze. Jennie wore a bright pink top and posed confidently while holding 'HERA' beauty's lip product in another photo. Jennie wore a green shirt wrapped around her neck and shoulders in the final photo, along with a red lip color and red nails.

Netizens expressed their awe at Jennie's extraordinary beauty, stating, "She's insanely beautiful."

"She is seriously so frickin' pretty...the emphasis should be on the product, but I can't take my gaze away from her face."

"How did she become even more beautiful?"

"Woah, look at her lovely features. So endearing."

"How is it that she looks good in every color?"

"Jennie Kim...Jennie..."

"It's insane...actually it's quite lovely..."

"I'd like to meet Jennie in person...

How lovely would she appear?"

"Jennie is truly endearing. So lovely."

"She has a fashionable face. "How lovely!"


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