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  • Karina Lee



Hwang Dae Heon had a hell of an Olympics, winning gold in individual speed skating and silver in group speed skating.

According to his interview, however, it seems his Olympics was legendary for another reason. During the athlete's exit interview, he thanked none other than 'JENNIE' of Blackpink for rooting him on privately!

Netizens were quick to react writing:

Shouldn't he have kept this to himself? It's not like JENNIE supported him publicly or anything, now she's going to get attacked by the jjangkae's (Chinese slur), he should have kept it on the low
Jennie is so sweet ㅠㅠ All those who attacked her for not supporting him need to apologize
Probably she DMed him because of the Chinese, seeing how they attacked RM
Wow the fact Jennie reached out to him is sweet and the fact he would say that on the interview is ballsy
Remember when Jennie left Jisoo's present on the counter so no one would know? She's so sweet
I love the fact that since way back Jennie never brags about special events she does for others or meeting celebrities, she's so nonchalant it's cute
I think it's sweeter that Jennie reached out personally, can you imagine how you would feel? I would think I'm flying!
Yo the haters need to stop and live their lives smh.


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