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With news of IVE's comeback being announced for April 5, anticipation for the group's return is at a fever pitch. Many fans gathered to online communities to write what they felt the group's concept would be as what they look forward to most in this comeback. The group has announced their first return after a blockbuster debut just months ago. The group's song ELEVEN has skyrocketed the group as a leader in the fourth generation with the song still sitting high on charts.

Netizens commented:

"Coming back with ELEVEN still high in the charts is a very good strategy"

"Already 40k RT... Their fandom is solid both domestic and internationally"

"There are 3 weeks left.. how do we wait"

"I'm waiting like a puppy"

"I thought they debuted just a month ago but already they are coming with a comeback... wow time flies"

"IVE comeback on April 5, I am waiting!"

"They have to strike while the iron's hot, let's go!"

"Single, title, and fan song... they just need these three to be good and they are set"

"RT is over 50k in one hour... SHEEESH"

"I wonder what their concept will be ... so excited!"

YES, we can't wait either.


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