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Despite stating she has no plans to pay her mother's debt amidst controversy, netizens are cheering for Han So Hee, saying that she always showed special affection for her grandmother, saying that " She was my everything".

After a broadcaster reported that 'the mother of a famous celebrity borrowed money from an acquaintance and did not pay it back', YouTuber Jinho Lee announced, "The famous celebrity is Han So-hee, and her defendant Shin-mo is Han So-hee's mother."

In response to this, Han So-hee's agency, 9 Ato Entertainment, said in an official statement, "It is true that we cannot break the bond between mother and daughter. We hope that this will not happen again with a strong response." said

When this fact became known, netizens recounted how Han So-hee, always expressed her affection for her grandmother, not her mother, through many interviews and Instagram posts.

Citing Han So-hee's past interviews and posts about her grandmother, netizens responded, "She doesn't need to pay off debt just because she is the mother who gave birth to her", "I hope that Han So-hee will do better in the future and that she will be happy with her grandmother for a long time" and "I am in tears."

According to the articles they quoted, Sohee Han said, "She made a habit of saying 'Eat your meal' and held me up when I cried wanting to die and made me live. My Grandma is everything to me. I always feel that I am with my grandmother.”

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