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  • Cole Yoon


SOYEON. js slaying.

(G)I-dle has made their long-awaited comeback with the release of lead single 'TOMBOY' and its music video. As much as fans have been waiting, internet communities are bustling with netizens chiming in with what they feel about the song. The song is unique from other idols with the group being known to take risks in their music. See below if it paid off...

Netizens wrote:

"Love it, haven't seen a girl group do punk rock before"

"Soyeon is perfect for this song, she's such a badass and sexy too!"


"Reminds me of the feeling I got when I first heard 'La Ta Ta". I heard it once and now I am hooked."

"Minnie is the one to look out for this promotion"

"Miyeon is LEGENDARY"

"Woogie is for real a legend for this one"

"The song is super high brow for an idol song... They seem more like artists now than idols, even without seeing them perform it, I love the song"

"Minnie cursing, yeah THAT part"

"Woogie's singing voice ONG"

"GIDLE is really good at choosing the right songs, I swear"

Have you listened to the song? What are your thoughts?


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