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  • Karina Lee


How you really feel?

Kpop's 4th generation war has become that much hotter thanks to the release of Enhypen's - 'Blessed Cursed'. The song is rapidly climbing charts and Koreans are loving the track. This is what Korean netizens has to say about the comeback, see if you agree.

"Of all their title tracks, this one is my favorite... didn't know I liked these tracks"

"I love it"

"It's good AF ㅠㅠㅠ personally it is my favorite"

"I like the dance a lot"

"I love the song I pressed the heart"

"Not because I'm a fan but it is really good, honestly"

"This one is good too but I really liked 'Polaroid Love' ㅠㅠ"

"This is the best one"

"Press...the heart.."

"I like the concept"

"Stage is dope"

"I'm another group's fan but this song is the best"


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