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  • Cole Yoon


Did BTS and IU get robbed?

There has been much controversy over NCT 127 winning Daesang or the Grand Prize at the Seoul Music Awards that took place recently. The group's win over BTS and IU, both of who netizens insist had an objectively better 2021, has been scrutinized given the group didn't chart on any significant 'End of Year' charts, in fact, NCT Dream had a much better year commercially.

On a post on Korea's largest online community, netizens began to refer to the 'Seoul Music Awards' Daesang as, 'The Seoul Music Awards Incident' implying giving the award to the group was a malpractice of historic precedent.

The post reads,

Who do you feel the worst for due to the 'Seoul Music Award Incident'? 1. BTS 2. NCT Dream who couldn't receive the 'Standard Prize' 3. NCT 127 who everyone is saying won only due to SM's interference?

Netizens commented:

Of course BTS who was robbed
NCT Dream who had to sacrifice the 'Standard' award for NCT 127's Daesang.
TXT and Stray Kids fans
Everybody except the artists in SM
BTS fans were boycotting the awards due to the fact it is so corrupt so you don't need to feel bad. I feel worst for NCT Dream fans who couldn't receive the 'Standard' award and IVE's fandom who got robbed for ROTY Award to Omega
Why would you feel bad for NCT 127, the fans are call themselves the fans of a Daesang artist
BTS and IU were robbed in a historic fashion
I feel bad for TXT fans who can't say anything due to NCT Dream fans
BTS didn't just get robbed for Daesang, they got robbed for Album of the Year as well
Seoul Music Awards just shouldn't exist


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