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  • Cole Yoon


Pretty people don't hate on pretty people.

Is there a price for love? Unfortunately in KPOP, it seems hate is the price stars pay for fans' adoration. The more you are loved, more often than not, the more you are hated.

Ever since her debut with IVE, Won Young has taken over the KPOP industry. She has become an icon that the industry has not seen since BLACKPINK's Jennie. Likewise, she has amassed haters quickly. Curiously enough, a lot of her haters are alleged feminists who call her a bimbo and say she panders to men. This is incredibly disturbing taking into account Wonyoung was born in 2004, and is a minor in Korea until 2024. Her 'girlish' antics are often taken out of context and convoluted into inappropriate pretenses. The same can be said for 'JENNIE', who has long suffered from the vitriol of fans' most toxic spews.

The debut of another star, Sullyoon, has exacerbated the issue, as jealous trolls try to knock Wonyoung from her star. This exchange below has Sullyoon fans in an uproar saying Wonyoung did not bow back to Sullyoon. Despite the fact that the "snub" was clearly due to mistiming.

And netizens have taken notice, across fan communities, netizens wrote:

"JYP fans are so cruel to other idols"

"Getting hate for not sincerely bowing to a four year hoobae and receiving thousands of message for it is nuts"

"They really are going after Jang Won Young... I am worried because there are so many that cross the line"

"The haters are literally crazy, every single idol that debuts gets hate but Wonyoung is getting so much hate"

"JYP fans are responsible for 90 percent of hate comments towards female idols"

"I feel bad for Sullyoon too since her fans are just insane and just leave Won Young alone, she's always getting hate"

What are your thoughts?


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