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  • Karina Lee



IU is well regarded as Korea's top solo singer. She has released numerous albums and songs over the years that have garnered widespread praise from listeners of nearly every age group.

Recent attention has been focused on her fourth full-length album, 'Palette,' which was released in 2017.

On February 22, a popular online community created a post titled "The album with over 900 million streams." The post included the total number of streams for the album, as well as the total number of streams for each song.

Many netizens were taken aback by the figure, as many of her non-title tracks surpassed the streams of other artists' title tracks. The album's title track, "Palette," has over 198 million streams, while "Through the Night" has over 356 million and "Can't Love You Anymore (with Oh Hyuk)" has over 131 million. The album received over 986 million streams in total.

Netizens lauded the album as the singer's best to date, with memorable tracks. Additionally, they stated that this is an album devoid of bad songs. Netizens remarked, "This is an excellent album. This is IU's finest work." "Every song on this album is excellent," "I have the impression that IU is a genius," "This is my favorite IU album," "I assumed 'Dear Name' would have a larger number of streams," "This is such an excellent album," and "Wow, look at the stream count."

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