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  • Mary Kim



Mnet has released profile posters for all six competing artists in this latest installment of 'Queendom' ahead of the highly anticipated season 2 premiere on March 31 at 9:20 PM KST. Brave Girls, VIVIZ, Hyolyn, Cosmic Girls, LOONA, and Kep1er all flaunted their charisma in pink-tinted profile photos, attracting attention for their imposing auras.

Hyolyn, in particular, drew all eyes to her as the show's sole solo artist and still dominated the screen with her unmatched charisma as she stared directly at the camera.

Many fans are anticipating the upcoming episode and expect Hyolyn to rule the stage with her seductive presence. "Hyolyn's vibe is so crazy in this photo," one netizen observed. "I have a feeling Hyolyn would rule over everyone, lol. I recall her being quite talented as a performer." "Wow, Hyolyn's presence is on an entirely different level," "Oh, and Hyolyn is the sole soloist. However, I have the distinct impression that she is going to defeat everyone simply by virtue of her presence, lol." "Hyolyn appears to be quite cool," "Hyolyn appears to be quite intimidating," and "Hyolyn is unquestionably going to dominate the stage."

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