• Cole Yoon

Netizens Demand 'Knowing Bros' To Be Cancelled, Here Is Why...

Is the anger warranted?

Honey J was on the most recent episode of Knowing Bros, with all the leaders of Street Woman Fighter

She told a story of almost being assaulted while walking home at night. She encountered a man who was following her and eventually had to fight him off. The rest of the leaders were in shock and most of the cast members were also in disbelief, however when she mentioned she wanted to make sure that the stranger she encountered had bad intentions, Heechul spoke up and joked, "That is a great disposition to have...

Also when Honey J mentioned that after the encounter with the would be assailant, her boyfriend walked her home every night, Lee Soo Geun joked that her boyfriend probably used that story as an excuse to take her home..

Fans are really upset about the cast making light of such a terrible topic and are demanding that they cancel the show entirely.

Many of the comment are criticizing what Lee Soo Geun and Kim Heechul said saying that the fact these two could not take the gravity of the situation is emblematic of society's attitude towards stalkers and other would be assailants.