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  • Cole Yoon


Winners don't cry.

AESPA has become many things since debuting, including Rookie of The Year, Best Artist, Best Group, and favorite to millions of fans around the world. However there is one thing you can't label AESPA as, and fans are noticing.

On January 19, netizens have crowned the group as the 'Group That Cries The Least'. Listing the group's accomplishment, netizens are shocked and in awe and some even angry(?), that the group has never cried before.

Netizens wrote:

"Well.. there aren't fans in the audience these days due to COVID so it may not them how much they are loved.. Even award shows these days seem pretty dry (as in tears) these days, why does AESPA even have to cry?"

"Maybe they don't care LOL"

"But TWICE cried when they won the daesang didn't they? It is strange lol maybe it's because there aren't any fans in the audience"

"Are you guys now hating cause they don't cry? LOL"

"Hating cause they aren't crying.. c'mon bruh.. you guys are really reaching. There aren't any fans in the audience for one"

""What are you saying? Karina cried because of a fan who she spoke with on video call. And they are mentally strong, they debuted amongst the weirdest rumors but everyone fell in love because they never made a mistake on stage, and they laugh a lot and are charming."


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