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They can do it all.

We all know KPOP idols train for years before debuting. During their time as a trainee, they are expected to sing, dance, and rap extremely well. However, most idols have expertise in a particular area and make up the group lines that we love today, whether it be vocal, dancing, rap, or visual.

But there comes along every blue moon, an idol who can do it ALL. That sing, dance, and rap better than most and look gorgeous while doing so.

On January 24, Korean netizens took to an online community post to discuss their votes for the title of most 'Well Rounded Idol'.

Netizens wrote,

Jungkook? Jeon So Yeon (G-Idle) and Yeon Joon
Not an idol but Jo Seung Yeon, and Jeon So Yeon and Jung Kook
Jung Kook
Choi Yeon Jun for me as well
Choi Yeon Joon, I knew he rapped, danced, and sang well but now his production and songwriting are really good too. TXT carol 'Sweet Dreams' was really dope and turns out he basically produced the whole song and seeing how Bang Shi Hyung keeps giving him songwriting duties there really isn't anything else to say
I thought of Yeon Jun too
JungKook for me
My 'One Top' is Jeon So Yeon


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