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  • Cole Yoon


The greatest ability is availability.

Netizens are touched by IVE's Jang Won Young's attentiveness to fans, as one fan shared a calendar of how frequently the idol logs into her fan communication app to communicate with fans and update her social media.

Jang Won Young has been on her social media and fan community app almost every day since January 2022, with the exception of two days in February. She has been diligently uploading selfies and initiating conversations with her fans via the Bubble app.

The netizen who posted it praised Jang Won Young, writing, "Jang Won Young genuinely cares about her fans." Other internet users joined the community to express their admiration for the idol and their envy for Jang Won Young's fans.

Netizens remarked, "Jang Won Young genuinely cares about her fans. She does log on frequently, but also communicates with them in a very sincere manner." "She always logs in between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and offers menu recommendations and shares her daily TMIs," "Perhaps I should upgrade to the paid version of that communication app. It would be well worth it if my idol visited this frequently." "I'm so envious of Jang Won Young's fan, who has logged in nearly every day for the last two months," she said. "She was destined to be a goddess," "She is adept at interacting with her fans. She is the epitome of perfection." "I believe she is genuinely sincere with her fans," "I think she's adorable because she's constantly sending those messages to her fans," and "Idols who treat their fans well are successful."


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