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  • Cole Yoon


They are asking if she's a fake too.

FREEZIA's controversy has created a huge ripple of distrust in Korea's influencer scene.

Of those affected is fellow influencer and labelmate Park Ji Hyun.

Park, who is best known for appearing on popular dating show 'Heart Signal 3', is facing fresh allegations of also creating a façade for followers. Rumors abound that FREEZIA's labelmate also is living at 'Trimage' one of Korea's most luxurious condos and home to celebrities such as SNSD Sunny, SJ Lee Teuk, and Yura, amongst others.

Netizens are leaving comments on her SNS such as:

"Is she in the same label as FREEZIA?"

"They are saying your CELINE bag is fake, is it true?"

"I heard you also moved to Seong Su, is it true?" (Trimage is in Seong Su)

"I came here because of FREEZIA's controversy, is it true you guys are in the same label? Both of you guys say launching your own brand are your goals.."

"Is she also sharing the same agency as FREEZIA? ㅠㅠ"

"Same label as FREEZIA lol"

"Please share with us what the label has done for you, I'm afraid you are going to get caught in the crossfire ㅠㅠ"

"It isn't even surprising she shares agencies with FREEZIA if you think about it"

"I came to see the second coming of FREEZIA everyone is talking about"

"Seems like you will have to go back to studying"

"Your label got you your house"

"Comments targeting HyoWon CNC (label) is getting deleted..."

"A lot of you guys are hating on her for no reason, Ji Hyun please see only the pretty ones"

"Her label seems scummy that's facts"

"The fact you share labels with FREEZIA isn't your fault but I'm disappointed ㅠ I hope you continue showing your true self and not what the label prescribes of you"

"She's getting targeted for no other reason than sharing labels.. I hope you do youtube for a long time..."

"I hope your label lets you be yourself"

Whether the influencer is going to be able to keep influencing after the controversy remains to be seen, stay tuned for updates.


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