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  • Cole Yoon


Something isn't right..

January 24 KST, Netizens are shocked to fight out this fact about STAYC.

In a post from January 23, a netizen wrote

A weird fact about AESPA STAYC and KEPLER AESPA - Never won M Countown, Next Level never won first place on a music show (They were 2nd for 10 weeks) KEP1ER - Won Music Bank once IVE - Won 10 music shows STAYC - NEVER won a music show from Music Core, Music Bank, Inkigayo (Stereotype only won on cable) It's crazy to think STAYC never won a music show (from traditional networks) I thought they had won for sure

Netizens reacted to this, equally surprised, writing:

KEP1ER winning and Next Level and ASAP never winning is weird AF
Seems like the timing is important to win first
Just proves that these music shows don't mean shit lol
AESPA'S timing is always bad and IVE doesn't really have competition right now, it's not like 'Show Me The Money' rappers come on music shows and IU isn't promoting her song either
When AESPA and STAYC came out it was very different than now. Back then it felt liked a packed house it was when Heize, Taeyeon, BTS, Oh My Girl, and Lim Young Woong came out.
I don't think anyone expected IVE to sell this many records, even IZONE broke up because their album sales were relatively sorry. I remember everyone said IVE will flop due to the girl crush concept but they are dominating

Your thoughts? Is it weird that STAYC and NEXT LEVEL never won a music show on the main 3 stages?


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