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  • Karina Lee


Two of the baddest?

A seemingly fan-created picture of both Wonyoung and Sullyoon are going viral with fans saying these two make a legendary pair. The two idols are currently the hottest female idols in KPOP at the moment, with both making their successful debut, Wonyoung with IVE and Sullyoon with NMIXX respectively.

A netizen uploaded this picture on an online community and wrote:

After seeing this pic on IG my eyes were cleansed. I need them to do a performance together, if they don't this award season I'm going on strike. 04 line needs a performance together!!! I hope Nmixx and IVE become close!

Other netizens shared their thoughts writing:

"Stop comparing the two" "TBH I am a Wonyoung fan but I am in love with Sullyoon, you know why? Cause she's hot AF lol Who doesn't like pretty people, only hater do, leave these two princes alone and stop creating drama NMIXX fan here but I hate comparing them with IVE. Wonyoung is pretty and I want to support pretty people, stop instigating Everyone is comparing these two lol You guys usually hate on Wonyoung anyways, why are you guys bringing her up now? You guys hated FREEZIA and Wonyoung, do you guys need to compare Sullyoon to Wonyoung to make her go viral? Stop using Wonyoung. Wonyoung and Sullyoon are two beautiful princesses and I love them both Stop comparing her to Wonyoung, I swear whenever there is a new idol visual you guys compare her to Wonyoung Jang Won Young is so busy going viral I don't think she ever rests Seeing them like this, the two really do look like princesses.


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