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  • Cole Yoon


Fortune teller?

Amidst FREEZIA'S counterfeit controversy, a post from October of 2021 is only now getting recognition. In the post, the netizen writes:

"Looking at her IG, why are there so many designers..? She has so many Chanel bags like is that possible?? How rich are her parents, even if she lives in 'Trimage', those bags are expensive, there is no way they are real."

This post was uploaded on December 30, 2021. At the time it didn't gain much attention until only now. Netizens commented:

"Looking at FREEZIA'S IG she is just wrapped in Chanel. Even you are the wife of a rich man how can a 20 year old model who works for herself make that type of money."

"LOL I remember when I commented how it was impossible for someone that young to be making the type of money needed to afford her lifestyle and it got deleted"

"Heizle (different influencer) also has a mint crop top..."

"First she's like "Hey Pring".. to us and now she's like "Hey JJaya" to the Chinese. A video on their platform shows her in a video saying that the shampoo she uses is Chinese and even greeted the Chinese on their holidays."

Doesn't seem this controversy is dying down anytime soon.


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