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  • Cole Yoon


Why isn't this song bigger?

When an artist has too many bops, some may get lost in the cracks. This seems to be with ENHYPEN's 'Polaroid Love', the light pop track is a CERTIFIED BOP. With this said, one netizen asked their fellow netizens why it is that this song isn't as big as some of the group's other songs.

In a post title, "Seriously, Why isn't this Enhypen track blowing up???"

A netizens poses the question:

"Why isn't Polaroid Love blowing up??

I was watching youtube and heard this song used in the video, I asked and found out the name of the song. The song is so FKING good, are you serious??

Shouldn't a song like this be on the top of the charts??"

Netizens tried to see if they knew why:

"Seriously wished it would blow up, I'm the only one in this world listening to them"

"I'm curious too, the song is really good"

"Please listen to it a lot ㅠㅠ the song is good"

"Honestly I was shocked to find out it. as an Enhypen track"

"I see like two posts a day talking about the song, what's going on?"

"Seriously I listen to it everyday"

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