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  • Juice Shin


We're all talking about it!

This week's most talked about TV show and star are both from the new NTV series "Twenty-Five, Twenty-One" on the network.

"Twenty-five, Twenty-one" came in first in Good Data Corporation's ranking of second-week topicality for dramas on television, which was issued on February 15th. Young Lady and Gentleman came in third, followed by "Forecasting Love and Weather."

Fourth place went to "Artificial City," followed by "Ghost Doctor" in fifth, "Moonshine" in sixth, "Through the Darkness" in seventh, "A Business Proposal" in eighth, "Thirty-Nine" in ninth, and "The One and Only" at the bottom of the list.

'Twenty-five, Twenty-one' actress Kim Tae Ri took the top spot in our assessment of cast members' currentness, followed by actor Nam Joo Hyuk in second place. 'Forecasting Love and Weather' actress Park Min Young came in third, while Song Kang finished fourth. Lee Se Hee, from 'Young Lady and Gentleman,' came in fifth place.

"Twenty-five, twenty one" on the other hand, is a dra

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