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  • Karina Lee


Netflix has announced that it will air a documentary on the crimes committed by Jo Joo Bin (Baksa), the man behind the sexual exploitation of the Nth Telegram chatrooms.

On April 20th, Netflix announced the production of a documentary, 'Cyber Hell: Destroy the Nth Chatroom,' which investigates the facts of the 'Nth Chatroom' event.

'Cyber Hell: Destroy the Nth Chatroom' is a cybercrime tracking documentary that reveals the truth of the crime via interviews with 24 people involved in the 'Nth Room' case, including reporters, producers, and police officers.

The perpetrators of the Nth Room case carve themselves their own virtual environment in which they may remain anonymous. And in that area, they committed heinous crimes such as hacking threats, illicit cryptocurrency transactions, gang harassment, and exploitation while using anonymous ID. They invented a hitherto unimagined sort of crime.

The criminals mocked the investigators, believing they would never be discovered, and perpetrated abusive-level cyber-sex crimes against minors.

In fact, in the trailer for 'Cyber Hell: Destroy Room N,' reporters, PDs, and police who were digging up the Nth Room case expressed their confusion over the criminals' brazen actions, asking, "Will there ever be a case where criminals will talk to us first?" and "They, 100 percent, believed they wouldn't be caught."

"Any Korean audience would know a little bit about the occurrence of the Nth Telegram Chatroom," said director Choi Jin Seong of 'Cyber Hell: Destroy the Nth Chatroom.' However, I believe that after viewing this video, people would realize that the actuality of the incident they were aware of was merely the tip of the iceberg."

"Their illegal techniques were considerably more extensive and clever than we know," the director said. In this instance, the pursuit for the culprits was also more fiercer and more hot than we know." The documentary, according to the filmmaker, will show how hard those hunting the crooks of the 'Nth Chatroom' struggled to apprehend them.


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