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  • Cole Yoon



How cool is this?

Recently SUGA of BTS stated his favorite NBA player was Damian Lillard from the Portlan Trailblazers expressing that he always roots for the underdog. Damian, is one of the premiere players in the NBA and is a household name amongst NBA fans for his incredible play, coining the term 'Dame Time' and his moniker 'Dame Dolla'.

Well, it seems word has spread as the NBA Player has sent out a personal message via the team's SNS account where he shows his appreciation for the love, "What's up SUGA? It's Dame Lillard. I had a chance to see your article, somebody sent it to me. I appreciate your words. I don't take it lightly to be somebody's favorite player but when they are a fan of our team and something that I care so much about you know that means so something to me. So I appreciate your words, I appreciate you being a fan of mine and showing me love."

Watch the video below!

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