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  • Cole Yoon

'N Room' Mastermind Jo Joo Bin Letter Released

"It's not like I raped anybody"

A letter from Jo Joo Bin, the mastermind behind the infamous 'N Room' telegram thread has been released reflecting his thoughts and it is chilling. Stoic, is the best way to explain the tone of the letter where he writes the ineptitude of the Korean judicial system, saying "if Korean law was objective and just I would be embarrassed rather than nervous". Towards some of the charges he was convicted for, he laments how the RICO (criminal organization) charges were unfitting to him. He further refutes claims he raped anybody, and although he was wrong how the 42 year sentence was unfitting of the crime.

This guy must be a psychopath, he and his goons entrapped and blackmailed minors and vulnerable women into filming disgusting sexual acts and forcing them to upload it on the app which he in turn made money for. If this isn't organized crime, systematically fishing for and entrapping the women with his co-conspirators, I don't know what is. What do you think? Untranslated letter below in its' entirety.


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