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  • Cole Yoon

Mystic Denies 'Lovelyz' Seo Jisoo Signing Rumors

Would Mystic be a good fit?

Mystic denied rumors that they were signing former 'Lovelyz' member, Seo Jisoo. The company stated that, "Although it is true that we met with Seo Jisoo, nothing has been signed or completed between the two parties". This news left many fans disappointed as fans had hoped the news would be true due to Mystic being a strong player in all fields of 'Kpop, Kdrama, and KVariety'.

Seo Jisoo and all but one member of 'Lovelyz' left Woolim after their contract ended. Creative differences were said to be the cause for disbandment although rumors of mismanagement and the failure to release a final album being the reason, are rampant.

Where do you hope Seo Jisoo and all the other former 'Lovelyz' members go?


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