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Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Another one (Khaled voice).

'My Teenage Girl's Choi Yoon Jung is facing bullying allegations.

On January 21, a Twitter user uploaded a picture of the supposed idol trainee captioned:

"My Teenage Girl Choi Yoon Jung's Smoking Video"

"This girl if she doesn't like somebody bullies them, hits them, threatens them, steals at liquor stores and DAISO and drinks"

Netizens were quick to comment:

"I knew it when I first saw this 4th grader pick fights and steal parts from other contestants. Definitely don't think she's normal"

"The poster tried to post that on this community but couldn't so uploaded it on twitter"

"Who is she.. honestly"

"You sure it's not a deepfake?"

"Honestly I watch this girl's solo cam a couple times a day (I can prove it to you) let's just wait and see if it's a deepfake or not"

"Why do kids with this type of past feel like they can be celebrities? It's not like we're in the 90's, now with a swipe of a finger they can out your past"

Your thoughts?


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