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  • Cole Yoon

'My Name' Park Hee Soon's Letter Has Fans A Frenzy, This Is What He Wrote

Back then they didn't want me, now I'm hot..

Park He Soon, the brooding charismatic actor of 'My Name' fame whose popularity has risen an incredible amount due to the positive reception of the Netflix drama wrote a letter to his fans club that has fans going crazy. This is what he wrote:

What's happening?

This place isn't usually this active..

It's a quiet place..

It's been so loud lately...

LOL seems like there's a lot of new people..

Nice to meet you.

My long time fans are shy and less welcoming, did that surprise you?

I too am surprised at the response

But I am truly grateful

Thank you for loving 'My Name' and rooting for my character..

I'll continue doing my best..


You should've..

Come to me sooner lol

Talk about confident!

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